The Drive-in is closed for the season and will reopen in Spring 2022.  The opening date is based on the weather forecast and movie offerings, and is usually sometime in late April.


During movie season, the $10 adult ticket and $1 kids ticket allows you admission for two movies playing on the same screen (when not single billed). This means you'll get to see two movies for half the price!  Box office opens 1.5 hours before showtime on Friday and Saturday nights.  If you are planning to see only the 2nd or 3rd shows, you'll want to arrive about thirty minutes prior to showtime.

The audio for the movies is broadcast through an FM transmitter (radio), so make sure you have a good sound system in your vehicle. Not to worry, if you don't have an FM transmitter in your car you can bring a battery-operated stereo with speakers to hear the movies.

We have a snack bar full of treats and goodies from popcorn, candy, and carne asada nachos! You are also welcome to bring your own snacks too!

  • Any lane gets you into any screen
  • Ticket purchase allows entry to one screen where you may watch both movies showing (except when single billed). 
  • Large SUVs should park in the back half of the theatre, so you do not block the view of other moviegoers.
  • Hatchbacks that extend beyond the roof of the car must remain closed.
  • Stereos/boom boxes are allowed
  • Switching screens is NOT ALLOWED (includes turning your car around to watch a movie on another screen)
  • Pay upon entry. We do not offer advanced ticket sales or gift cards at this time
  • All major credit + debit cards accepted
  • No Cash Refunds (credit voucher only)
  • Box office opens 1.5 before showtime on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • We are open rain or shine (unless extreme)
  • In cases of extreme rain or other circumstances beyond our control, we will be closed. Also, our screens close for the winter months and re-open in the spring.
  • Speed limit 5 MPH
  • No alcohol, marijuana, or drugs are allowed
  • No firearms or weapons of any kind
  • No animals allowed (with the exception of service animals)
  • Drivers concealing another person(s) in their vehicle will be turned away or expelled without a refund.
  • All vehicles are subject to search.
  • This Theater and Management Assume NO RESPONSIBILITY of Injury, Situations Beyond Our Control or Property Damage.

When are you open?
The drive-in is closed for the season and will open again in the Spring.  The date is TBD as it is based on the weather forecast and movie offerings, however, it is usually sometime in late April.
Are the movie showtimes AM or PM?
Since our theatres are outdoors, all movie showtimes are at night when it is dark.
Now that it gets darker earlier will you have earlier showtimes?
Yes, showtimes can be earlier when sunset is earlier.
Do you still show movies in the rain?
Yes. Sometimes the theaters can flood and in that case we won't show any movies.
Should I bring my own battery-operated radio or just use the one in the car?
If you are concerned that your car battery will run down, please bring a battery-powered, portable FM radio.
Can I use a radio app on my phone to listen?
A small portable FM radio works best. We don't know of an Apple or Android app that works. They pick up internet radio not local. Also, we do not have wifi.
Can we sit outside the car?
Yes, but do so at your own risk. You may bring chairs and sit outside the car within your parking space.  You may not set up chairs in the space next to you.
Can we watch the movie from the bed of our truck?
Yes, as long as you stay inside the vehicle and maintain social distancing. Keep in mind larger trucks must park towards the back of the theatre, so you do not block other's view.
Do you have any movies in Spanish?
Now, you can listen to most movies in Spanish with the Theater Ears App. Download for free in the App Store or Google Play.
When it says 'with' between the movies, are we watching both movies?
Yes, ticket purchase is per screen where you may watch both movies showing (except when single billed). If you don't want to stay for the second film, you may leave. Likewise, if you don't want to see the first film, you may arrive at the drive-in for the second film 15 minutes prior to showtime.
After the first movie can I turn my car around to watch a movie on another screen?
No, your ticket is for one screen only. Positioning your car to see another screen is not permitted.
Can I barbeque while we watch the movie?
Sorry, no. It's against fire regulations.
How much is it to get in?
Admission: $10 for adults - $1 for children 5 through 9. All major credit + debit cards accepted.
Are the movie times night shows only or daytime?
We show the movies under the great big sky! So, we have to wait until after the sun goes down.
How do we get sound to hear the movies?
We have FM Transmitters so you can play the audio through your car stereo!
Do I have to stay for both movies?
No, you may leave as you please
Can I bring my own food?
Yes, bringing in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages is allowed.
Can I bring a camper to the drive-in?
Yes, only on Sunday through Thursday nights. You must park in the back of the theatre where it does not block other's view.
Can we bring in a group in a bus?
Sorry, for safety reasons we do not allow buses at the drive-in.